Adoption Inadequacies

The top family judge in the country, Sir James Munby (President of the Family Division), has criticised the presentation of “sloppy” evidence before the court in cases where local authorities seek to place children for adoption without the parents’ consent.

He said that separating children from their families on a permanent basis must be a last resort and expressed concern that other options, such as placing with family members, are often not given enough consideration.

The Judge also commented that if insufficient evidence is presented to the court then cases will have to be adjourned beyond the 26 week timescale for care proceedings which is due to come into force next year.

An order placing a child for adoption ends that child’s legal relationship with his or her birth family and therefore is the most extreme and serious order that the family court can make. We agree that such orders should only therefore be made when the most persuasive and overwhelming evidence can be presented to the court in support.

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September 23, 2013

Adoption, Social Services