Advice for the New Year

January is always a busy time in Family Law with a rush of new instructions. The annual tradition of New Year’s resolutions often includes the resolve to do something about the unhappy marriage or relationship.

At this difficult time it’s important to get good advice. Higgins Miller Solicitors can offer advice on all aspects of Family Law. We often see people who want initial advice before separating in order to discuss their options and the implications of them. We can advise you about issues such as divorce, the options in respect of the children and the financial implications and options.

We offer a fixed fee appointment scheme. We can see you and discuss any family law problem in an appointment of up to one hour and then write to you summarising the advice given. We charge a one off fee of £60 for this.

As part of this process we will advise you of the steps that you can take and the likely costs involved. In many cases we can undertake the work on a fixed fee basis. Contact us for more information.