Britain’s biggest divorce settlement?

Pierre Lagrange who is a Hedge Fund Manager and one of the richest 250 people in Britain has separated from his wife and divorce proceedings have commenced in the Family Division of the High Court.

Mr Lagrange has come out as gay and has commenced a relationship with fashion designer Roubi L’Roubi whom he has been pictured with over the summer.

The divorce settlement due to Mr Lagrange’s wife Catherine is set to be the biggest ever in this country with Mr Lagrange’s personal wealth being estimated by The Sunday Times Rich List as £331m. Mr Lagrange has already sold the former matrimonial home, which was bought for £19m in 2004, for £90m.

The couple say that the divorce is amicable and is being dealt with “with respect and love from all parties.” However, Mr Lagrange could find himself having to pay his wife up to half of his fortune (£165.5m), which would make it Britain’s biggest ever divorce settlement. The current record was set in July 2001 by the former wife of Boris Berezovsky, a Russian business man. She is thought to have received over £100m.

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