Making Sure a Financial Settlement is Fair

The emotional fallout of a relationship breaking down can often make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to focus on practical matters such as financial issues. At Higgins Miller we pride ourselves in offering genuine expert and completely up to date legal advice in areas such as divorce and civil partnerships , family law, children […]

Child Disputes

Child disputes can be hugely upsetting, which is why it’s vital that anybody involved in such a case seeks the very best legal advice. The temptation to act on emotion can be all but overwhelming, particularly if you’re concerned that the well-being or safety of a child might be at stake, but the wisest course […]

One direction baby

It has been revealed this week that Louis Tomlinson from the band One Direction is to be a father following a brief relationship with an American stylist named Brianna Jungwirth. It has since been reported that although both families are getting on there has been talk of lawyers becoming involved. When people have a baby […]

Celebrity splits

Its been a busy couple of weeks for celebrity separations with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announcing they are to divorce after 10 years of marriage and 3 children. This was followed by the separation of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick who also have three young children. Closer to home it is being reported that […]

DIY Justice

Last week the BBC’s Panorama investigated the issue of so called “DIY Justice” in family law. This refers to the situation many parents now find themselves in whereby if they wish to make an application to the family courts they have to do so without the assistance of a solicitor. This problem has been made […]

Exam results suffer for children of divorce

A survey of young people whose parents have divorced has revealed that two thirds of children feel that their parents’ separation led to their GCSE results suffering. 44 per cent also found that their A Level results were negatively effected. More worrying was that 14 per cent of those surveyed  said that they had begun […]

£500,000 sperm donor dispute

A Judge has described two young sisters as irredeemably marred by a long and expensive custody dispute between two sets of gay parents. The dispute arose when a gay couple agreed to donate sperm to a lesbian couple who wanted children. After the children were born the two couples could not agree which of the […]

Ashya King

The case of Ashya King the five year old cancer patient has led to a media frenzy with comment coming from everyone from Boris Johnson to Nick Clegg. But what are the legal implications of the situation? It appears that upon Asyha’s removal from hospital by his parents Portsmouth City Council made an application for Ashya to be […]