Special Guardianship Allowance

At Higgins Miller we have become aware that an increasing number of people who have special guardianship orders are having difficulties in relation to obtaining financial support for the children that they are caring for. The law requires a local authority in which the special guardian lives  to consider what payments would have been made […]

Rise in unrepresented parties at court

There has been a massive increase in the numbers of people representing themselves in court in cases concerning children. Between April and December 2013 the courts saw a 57% increase in the number of those without lawyers compared with the previous year. This increase is likely to be partly due to the removal of legal […]

Largest Family Law Reform for a generation

What has been described as “the largest Family Law reform for a generation” by the Ministry of Justice has come into force today. From today all family cases will be heard in the new Single Family Court and will be allocated to the correct level of Judge in the most suitable location by the court. […]

Gwyneth and Chris- conscious uncoupling.

‘Relationship break down’,’ Separation’, ‘Splitting up’- We thought we’d heard every name possible for the ending of a relationship with a former loved-one but “Conscious uncoupling”- Now that’s one we’ve not heard before. Whilst we here at Higgins Miller may have very different views on Coldplay’s Music and Gwyneth’s  dietary regime, we cannot disagree with […]

International child abduction

There have been two decisions this week on cases where a child has been brought to the UK by its mother without the father’s consent and in both cases the court has ordered that the child in question must return to its country of origin. In the  first case Re F the parents had been […]

Charges for using the Child Maintenance Service

Despite warnings against the measure from the House of Lords, a plan to start charging parents for using the new Child Maintenance Service (replacing the Child Support Agency) have now been approved by Parliament. The Government appears to be of the view that by imposing these charges they will encourage people to resolve matters without […]

Impact of divorce on children

A survey by Netmums has revealed that in many cases children feel very differently about the impact of their parents separation than their parents believe. Worryingly 14% of children felt unable to be honest with their parents about their feelings and 2 in 5 admitted hiding their feelings from their parent to avoid upsetting them. […]

Parental child abductions on the increase

  Abductions of children from the UK by one of their parents has nearly doubled in the last 10 years according to data from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). This amounts to a startling two children being abducted abroad every single day. The FCO  has made a film called “Caught in the Middle,” which […]