Increases in divorce in January

Every year at Higgins Miller Solicitors we are used to seeing an increase in new clients wanting to commence divorce proceedings in January. This can sometimes be because they have had a difficult time over Christmas with their spouse or simply because they want to make a new start along with the new year. We […]

Family intervention

The BBC website has today run an article about Family Intervention Projects which are run across the country to help parents get to grips with difficulties they have had in parenting their children and running their homes. The project provides a very intensive service and the workers are available seven days a week. They can […]

Human Rights?

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has this weekend published an article in the Guardian vowing not to allow any watering down of human rights legislation in this country. He makes the very valid point that the human rights act is most used in this country by those who are most vulnerable and often in the […]

Single parent families

At Higgins Miller we are obviously involved with many single parents and although generally attitudes have moved on there still appears to be some stigma attached to being a single parent. Whilst we believe that it is best for a child to have a positive relationship with both parents following a the breakdown of a […]

Child Maintenance

A committee of MPs has published a report proposing reforms to how child maintenance s paid. The report identifies that the current system run by the Child Support Agency is inadequate and leaves many children of separated parents without sufficient child maintenance and notes that many single parents receive either irregular or no payments of […]

Fathers and families

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday published an article in the Sunday Telegraph criticising “runaway dads” and calling for them to be stigmatised in the same way as drink drivers. He says that fathers should “financially and emotionally support their child even if they have split up from their mother” and “spend time with their kids […]

Extended family carers

We often deal with cases where, for whatever reason, children cannot continue to be brought up by their parents and extended family members step in to care for them instead.  Such people are known as Kinship Carers. The benefit of this for the child is that they are able to remain within their birth family […]

Justice for All

The Government has proposed some radical changes to legal aid which we at Higgins Miller simply don’t agree with. We believe that the proposals would leave many of our clients simply unable to access legal advice at difficult times in their lives. This is unacceptable as it discriminates against people who cannot afford to pay […]

Legal Aid Debate

The debate about legal aid continues and was featured on the One show recently. [youtube][/youtube] The Law Society are continuing their Sound Off for Justice Campaign and are looking for people willing to share their stories about how legal aid has helped them. If you would be interested in doing this please contact us and […]

Children and Divorce

An article in today’s Daily Mail suggests that children of divorced parents are likely to suffer psychological problems during their childhood and as a result will be less successful adults. At Higgins Miller we don’t agree that a divorce or relationship breakdown has to lead to such problems for children. We firmly believe that parents […]