The importance of Legal Aid

We’ve covered legal aid before, specifically linked to domestic violence and legal aid. We’ve seen a huge rise in our clients’ financial questions and concerns, linked to the ongoing Cost of Living crisis. We appreciate every single worry, question and concern, so we’ve dedicated this whole article to discussing the importance of Legal Aid, and […]

How To Pursue A Career In Family Law

We specialise in family law at Higgins Miller, dealing with issues such as divorce, adoption and wills and probate. Working in family law means helping people during some of the most stressful life events they are ever likely to face, and it demands a blend of legal and technical expertise and an ability to empathise […]

The Importance of Updating Your Will

According to research carried out by Canada Life in 2020, 59% of UK adults haven’t got round to writing a will, which amounts to 31 million people. What these people may not realise is that their money, property and belongings will all be divided according to strict legal rules when they die, rather than in […]

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Here at Higgins Miller we specialise in matters of family law, helping clients to deal with emotionally challenging and legally complex issues such as wills and probate, adoption and divorce, and we understand that the people who come to us need a combination of up to the minute, technical legal advice and help in confronting […]

Our Legal Aid Solicitors in Manchester

Although the UK wide provision for legal aid has been drastically reduced in the last decade or so, we are still dedicated to being among the best legal aid solicitors in Manchester has to offer. Our expertise in the field of family law means that we have a wealth of experience in dealing with stressful […]

We’re Proud to be Legal Aid Solicitors in 2022

As family law specialists we believe in helping our clients to cope with extremely stressful life events. Cases involving things such as divorce, child disputes and wills and probate can be simultaneously highly complex in legal terms and extremely emotional, and we always combine our professional expertise with the ability to support our clients. This […]

Legal Aid in Family Cases

Legal Aid is still available for representation in family cases but it is greatly restricted. Higgins Miller Solicitors are one of the few firms left who still undertake family work that is funded by legal aid. Details of those family cases where legal aid is available can be found at: For those Private Law […]

Legal Aid Solicitors Stockport

As a legal aid solicitors Stockport we dedicate ourselves to bringing our expertise and advice to the widest possible range of people. We specialise in family law, handling cases in areas such as divorce and civil partnership, domestic violence and children disputes. We treat every client in the most sympathetic manner possible by ensuring that […]