Legal Aid in Family Cases

Legal Aid is still available for representation in family cases but it is greatly restricted. Higgins Miller Solicitors are one of the few firms left who still undertake family work that is funded by legal aid. Details of those family cases where legal aid is available can be found at: For those Private Law […]

Legal Aid Solicitors Stockport

As a legal aid solicitors Stockport we dedicate ourselves to bringing our expertise and advice to the widest possible range of people. We specialise in family law, handling cases in areas such as divorce and civil partnership, domestic violence and children disputes. We treat every client in the most sympathetic manner possible by ensuring that […]

The issues arising around Children Disputes

When a relationship breaks down, whether it’s a marriage or a civil partnership, the emotional stresses are matched only by the practical implications. Here at Higgins Miller we offer calm, up to date and relevant advice on all issues around family law, specialising in areas such as prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, special guardianship and divorce […]

Post Nuptial Agreements

Here at Higgins Miller we go out of our way to appreciate and empathise with the human aspects of the work we do. Although we offer expertise in the fields of family law, divorce and civil partnerships, children disputes and interaction with social services, amongst many other legal issues, we never lose sight of the […]

DIY Justice

Last week the BBC’s Panorama investigated the issue of so called “DIY Justice” in family law. This refers to the situation many parents now find themselves in whereby if they wish to make an application to the family courts they have to do so without the assistance of a solicitor. This problem has been made […]

Judge’s outrage at lack of legal aid

The country’s top family judge, Sir James Munby has expressed his significant concern about a case where two parents have been denied access to legal aid to contest an application for the adoption of their child. Both parents have learning difficulties and would find it extremely difficult to represent themselves. However, legal aid in this […]

Rise in unrepresented parties at court

There has been a massive increase in the numbers of people representing themselves in court in cases concerning children. Between April and December 2013 the courts saw a 57% increase in the number of those without lawyers compared with the previous year. This increase is likely to be partly due to the removal of legal […]

Panorama: I want my baby back.

BBC Panorama programme ‘I Want my Baby Back’ that was transmitted on 13th January examines evidence used in ‘Vitamin D cases’ in family courts. The BBC  says that crucial evidence against parents came from doctors, who erroneously viewed fractures on x-rays as evidence of abuse, rather than a lack of vitamin D (or Rickets) which […]

Legal Aid Changes 2013: Family Law Proceedings

Private Law Family Proceedings – Divorce, Injunction, Children and Finances Injunction Proceedings Provided that the merits of their case are such that Legal Aid is justified and provided they meet the financial eligibility criteria Legal Aid is available in respect of Injunction Applications both under the Legal Help Scheme for initial advice and under a […]