Working to Settle Children Disputes

The fact that we specialise in family law at Higgins Miller means that we have huge experience of helping people to deal with stressful processes such as divorce, adoption or dealing with wills and probate. We appreciate the fact that, for many people, coming to us will represent the first time they’ve had to deal with serious legal issues. We understand how daunting and stressful this can be, and we deliver a combination of expert legal advice and firm emotional support. This is particularly the case when we deal with children disputes 2022

Children disputes 2022 arise when a relationship such as marriage, cohabitation or civil partnership comes to an end and the parents have to agree over how best to look after any children. When a relationship ends it’s common for arguments to arise over everything from finances and the family home to who will look after any pets. The arguments which are likely to cause the most distress, however, are those which concern questions such as where a child will live, how much they will see the non-resident parent, and the amount of financial support which will have to be paid. In the vast majority of cases both parents will have the best interests of the child at heart, but the reality of the situation is such that the bitterness and acrimony can all too often come to dominate the discussions. Here at Higgins Miller we do everything we can to ensure that doesn’t happen. 

Although it may seem counter-intuitive given our legal expertise, the truth of the matter is that we always do everything we can to make sure our clients never have to set foot inside a courtroom if it’s at all possible, and that particularly applies to children disputes 2022. When we deal with children disputes 2022 we use our experience in situations such as this, plus our detailed grasp of the law surrounding Child Arrangements (the name for what used to be termed ‘Child Custody’) to try and reach a fair and amicable solution as quickly as possible.

In the vast majority of cases, this will mean recommending that clients who come to us for help with children disputes 2022 seek mediation in order to reach an agreement. Although it is possible for parents to come to an agreement between themselves – often with a solicitor acting as a buffer – the circumstances mean that there are still usually too many areas of disagreement, and this is why mediation can prove to be so useful. In addition to this, clients need to consider the fact that the law states that if they wish to have the court reach a decision on what Child Arrangements should be put in place they will need to demonstrate that they have at least tried mediation before being able to apply for a Court Order, unless specific mitigating circumstances apply.

When dealing with children disputes 2022 we explain to clients that mediation is not the same as counselling or couples guidance, and is not presented as a means of settling differences between a couple. The mediation process is one of accepting that the relationship has broken down and working with both parties to find a way to reach a practical agreement that will work in the long term. 

The mediator is a trained, unbiased professional who will work with both parties to achieve a result which puts the welfare and well-being of the child front and centre. They do not offer legal advice per se, so it’s best to seek legal advice on children disputes 2022 from experts such as those at Higgins Miller before embarking on the mediation process. This process will involve both parents setting out the issues which need to be resolved, with the mediator leading the discussion and ensuring that the focus remains on finding child-centred solutions. The mediator will ensure that both parents have an equal say in the discussions, with neither allowed to dominate. Clearly, a process of this kind is probably not suited to those relationships which have broken down due to violence or abuse, but it is often the ideal solution for parents who genuinely have the best interests of their child at heart but who, due to the circumstances, find it difficult to discuss practical details in a calm and useful manner.     

The kind of issues which can be discussed during the mediation process include where the child will live, which parent they will live with for most of the time, how much time they will spend with the other parent, and what arrangements will be put in place for the non-resident parent to support the child. Other issues which could be dealt with include the child’s education, any medical matters that need to be dealt with, and how the parents will deal with any disputes or questions which arise in the future.   

At the end of the process the mediator will draw up a written document outlining the details of the plan you have agreed upon. At this stage it is advisable to have the plan checked by an expert such as those at Higgins Miller. Any mistakes over children disputes 2022, particularly regarding issues of finance, could create a situation which is unfair for years to come, and may lead to discussions having to be started again long after all parties hoped they had moved on. Once agreed, any agreement regarding finances could be turned into a court order known as a ‘consent order’ if one or both of the parents feels they need this extra reassurance. 

Of course, there are occasions upon which mediation, however useful it can sometimes be, isn’t enough to bridge the differences between parents. If this is the case, and children disputes 2022 have to be settled in court then the experts at Higgins Miller will be ready and waiting to fight your corner and state your case. We know that the cost of legal representation is often a concern, and we are one of the few law firms left who are happy to handle legal aid cases if a client is eligible. If not, we can handle specific issues on a fixed fee basis and always work with clients to deliver competitive pricing in an affordable manner, including hourly charges or flexible repayment plans. Our main aim with any children disputes 2022 is to help every client do what is best for their child. If you want to find out more about children disputes 2022 please call us on 0161 429 7251 or email us at [email protected] We’ve recently passed our Cyber Essential accreditation, something which demonstrates our forward-thinking attitude and determination to remain ahead of the competition. The first 20-minute appraisal is provided free of charge, and we’ll give you the first appointment for a fixed fee, so you don’t have to worry about how much our advice is going to cost. If you want to explore our wider charging system then please take a look here.

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July 19, 2022