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Tonight on BBC two there is a programme called “Mum and Dad are Splitting Up.” It will feature the experiences of both parents and children who have gone through family breakdown.

An article in the BBC magazine today considers how much a child should be told by their parents about the reason for a marriage breakdown and also considers the potential damage caused by saying too much.

There are lots of resources and services available locally to the whole family during a divorce or separation. Relate offers family counselling in addition to its more traditional counselling services. Family Mediation Manchester offer a mediation service which directly involves children. There is also a service called the Family Mediation Network that is offering Parenting Apart Information Meetings to provide guidance to parents.

Our best advice is that you should think very carefully about how best to inform your children of a decision to separate from your partner. You will undoubtedly be finding life difficult but its important to remember that your children are likely to be finding things even more difficult and will require lots of reassurance and support to help them get through a very difficult time in their lives. Involving them in adult conflict is never a good idea and restricting the information that they have about the reasons why you and your spouse have decided to separate can be in their best interests.

For advice on divorce and separation or to discuss the arrangements for your children post-separation please contact us.

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