Our Experience to Bear on Cases Involving Divorce and Children

When a relationship such as a marriage comes to an end it is naturally an upsetting and stressful experience. Dealing with matters such as the family home, shared financial responsibilities and the actual grounds for divorce can be complex and time-consuming, but few things are more stressful than having to deal with the issues which arise around divorce and children.

Many couples see divorce and children as being two things which simply shouldn’t mix, and therefore live for years in unhappy relationships, at least until the children are old enough to start leading full lives of their own. Experience, anecdote and evidence all point to the fact that this is a mistake, however, as painful as dealing with divorce and children may seem at the time, it will be less damaging in the long run for all concerned than simply continuing to live in a relationship which has ceased to make both partners happy.

As experts in family law, Higgins Miller have a deep and rich understanding of the many issues surrounding divorce and children. We work with clients on cases involving children disputes, adoption and special guardianship and financial settlement. The kind of emotional and legally complex issues which these cases throw up is exactly the kind of matter which have to be dealt with when handling cases involving divorce and children, and our expert solicitors have just the right combination of legal expertise and emotional understanding.

We understand that dealing with issues such as where a child will live, where they will attend school and how often each parent will see them is emotionally draining as well as technically complicated. We never lose sight of the fact that our clients are going through one of the most difficult experiences of their lives, and so we explain everything involved in dealing with divorce and children in plain, simple English. We clearly set out the rights and responsibilities of each party, and always work to arrive at an amicable solution which will avoid the stress and financial cost of having to take a case to court.

Occasionally, of course, arriving at an amicable agreement will prove to be impossible. If the ruling of a court is required, we’ll work with clients to ensure that they get the fairest possible hearing and that everything they wish to draw to the attention of the court is presented as clearly and powerfully as possible. We’ll work as closely as possible with our clients to ensure that any issues which deal with divorce and children are handled as sympathetically as possible.

The added bonus of working with Higgins Miller is that our wider expertise in family law means that if there is any fall-out from a case involving divorce and children – such as disputes over payment for the upkeep of children or argument about domestic violence – we’ll be perfectly placed to deal with it. Our wider expertise in family law coupled with our knowledge of the individuals involved will help to ensure that matters are resolved as quickly as possible and our client (and their children) can simply get on with their lives.

If you’d like to find out more about the matters which arise when cases involve divorce and children then please call us on 0161 429 7251 or email us at [email protected] We’ve recently passed our Cyber Essential accreditation, something which demonstrates our forward-thinking attitude and determination to remain ahead of the competition. The first 20-minute appraisal is provided free of charge, and we’ll provide your first appointment with us for a fixed fee, so you don’t have to worry about how much our advice is going to cost. This initial contact can ensure that you understand the divorce process, and can feel able to move forward with confidence. If you want to explore our wider charging system then please take a look here.Divorce And Children       


May 23, 2019


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