Divorce Day

Yesterday, 2nd January, has been dubbed “divorce day” by the press. The theory is that more couples seek the advice of solicitors on the issue of divorce on 2nd January than any other day of the year.

At Higgins Miller we are used to having more divorce related  enquiries in January than other months of the year. However, we are conscious that the decision to end a marriage is a huge one and we would always encourage a client to think carefully before embarking upon legal proceedings.

Once a client has made the decision to divorce we can offer a variety of different ways to conduct a divorce case. We prefer, wherever possible, to try and keep things amicable between separating couples, especially where there are children involved. Long drawn out battles in court rarely end with either party feeling satisfied and for that reason we prefer to direct clients towards mediation or collaborative law as alternative and often much cheaper ways to resolve their financial and practical arrangements following a separation.

We do not pretend that getting divorced is easy and sometimes court intervention is necessary but usually only as a last resort.

For more information about the services we offer including our fixed fee divorces, please contact us for an initial chat with one of out specialist solicitors.


January 3, 2014


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