Take Advantage of a Divorce Solicitors Free Consultation

Here at Higgins Miller we specialise in the kind of legal problems which impact the most directly on family life. That means we deal with issues such as adoptions, children disputes and wills and probate. It also means that we are experienced in offering the kind of support which clients need when dealing with stressful situations like the end of a relationship and divorce. The fact that we offer a divorce solicitors free consultation can help our clients begin to come to terms with what can be a very daunting process.

A divorce solicitors free consultation is often the first point of contact between our clients and our team of experts.  Over the telephone or face to face, it provides a 20 minute appraisal during which we can gauge the complexity of a situation and offer an initial judgment on how long it might take to resolve matters. In all cases we’ll work to find the simplest and quickest route through the situation, minimising the money that has to be spent, not least by reducing – or avoiding entirely if it’s at all possible – the time spent on court appearances. We can also assess whether you might be eligible for Legal Aid.

The complexity of any individual divorce case will depend upon the circumstances involved. The presence of children, in particular, and the need to reach an agreement on issues such as access, where the child will live and how much each partner will pay toward their upkeep, can often complicate matters. Part of our job, from the divorce solicitors free consultation onward, is to remove the emotion from the situation and guide both parties toward an amicable agreement. The fact that we have such broad experience of dealing with the practicalities of a divorce makes this much easier.

In the initial stages, these practicalities will consist of ascertaining that you have correct grounds for a divorce. This could be adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion or a separation lasting two years if both parties agree to the divorce, or five years if only one party agrees to the divorce. Once it’s been established that there are grounds for divorce, the technicalities of the process can be set in motion.  That means filling in a divorce petition, sending it to your nearest divorce centre and paying all the relevant fees. It’s vital that every part of the process is followed to the letter, as mistakes made during the earliest stages could lead to complications later which cause delays and greatly increase the stress and financial cost involved.

Following a divorce solicitors free consultation, we’ll be in a position to advise as to whether your case is suitable for our fixed fee divorce petition scheme. This means that a set fee is paid and everything is covered from the first visit to our office to the issuing of the Decree Absolute, which is the point at which a marriage is officially over. This scheme only operates when a divorce is uncontested, and more complicated, contentious cases may require more flexible funding options. Details of our wider funding arrangements can be accessed here, and our earliest consultations will allow us to determine whether an application for legal aid should be made. In the majority of cases, legal aid is only offered for divorces in which domestic violence is an issue, and our team of experts will examine your circumstances to determine whether this options is viable or not.

No matter what the specifics of your case are, if you feel that a relationship has run its course then a divorce may well be the best way of ensuring your financial well-being and formalising the care provided for any children involved. A divorce solicitors free consultation at Higgins Miller will establish the best route forward, even if that means proceeding without further legal advice. If you’d like to know more then please call us on 0161 429 7251 or email us at [email protected].

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