We’ll Handle Your Divorce UK 2022

Although Christmas is a time of the year which is devoted to family life and togetherness, we know from experience that it is also a period over which many relationships come under a great deal of strain. That’s one of the reasons – coupled with the concept of a new year offering a fresh new start – why many people opt to start divorce proceedings early in a new year. If you’re looking for a divorce UK 2022 then the expert solicitors at Higgins Miller are the best possible people to handle your case. 

Our handling of a divorce UK 2022 will reflect the fact that we specialise in issues of family law. This means helping people to cope with matters such as wills and probate, adoption and children disputes, and we understand that people find dealing with matters of this kind highly stressful. For many clients, dealing with something like a divorce UK 2022 will represent the first time they’ve had to deal with legal matters, and we know how stressful the process can be, That’s why we always combine our legal expertise with the kind of emotional support which helps clients to work through the issues as quickly and calmly as possible, and with a divorce UK 2022 this means explaining exactly how the process works. 

The first thing to point out when explaining how a divorce UK 2022 will take place is that the law is changing in April of this year. From then on the concept of a ‘no fault’ divorce will be introduced which means, in simple terms, that a couple can mutually decide to get divorced without having to come up with a specific reason to do so, but as things currently stand, the first thing which will need to be decided by a couple seeking a divorce UK 2022 will be what the grounds for divorce will be. 

The grounds for divorce are the reasons which the party applying for the divorce UK 2022 needs to give for the marriage coming to an end. At the moment, the following grounds for divorce apply in the UK:


Adultery involves one of the partners in a marriage having sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex, but there are also a few rules applying to the circumstances. If adultery is used as the grounds for a divorce UK 2022 then the person applying for the divorce has to do so within six months of having discovered that the adultery took place. If the person applying for the divorce has known about the adultery for more than six months without applying for a divorce then it can no longer be used as grounds for a divorce. As well as giving adultery as grounds, the person applying for a divorce UK 2022 will have to provide an admission from the other party or proof that the adultery took place.     

Unreasonable behaviour

Prior to no fault divorces becoming legal in the UK, unreasonable behaviour is most likely to be the grounds which people opt for when applying for a divorce UK 2022. The reason for this is that ‘unreasonable behaviour’ is a loose concept, which covers any behaviour resulting in the person applying for the divorce feeling that they couldn’t reasonably continue being married to their spouse. The other partner in the marriage won’t have to agree with the divorce, and the person applying will need to present four or five examples of unreasonable behaviour. Examples could include excessive use of drugs or alcohol, violent behaviour, coercive control or financial recklessness. Our experience has taught us that the unreasonable behaviour in question doesn’t need to be extreme in nature, and could involve things such as one partner being overly-focused on a career or hobby, or leading a completely separate social life.  


Using separation as the grounds for a divorce UK 2022 represents the only option currently available which could be described as ‘no fault’. It will apply as the grounds for divorce if a couple have been living apart for at least two years and both parties agree to the divorce. In some cases the couple in question may actually still be living under the same roof, but have agreed to seek a divorce and have delayed the actual process due to issues such as financial or child-care matters. If this is the case, then we will advise our clients to demonstrate that they have been leading separate lives for at least two years, despite sharing a home.   

If the parties have been living separately for at least five years before one party applies for a divorce UK 2022 then either can apply for a divorce without the other needing to agree.

As well as explaining the grounds for divorce which apply in the UK our expert solicitors will always work with clients to keep the process as amicable as possible. We understand that, in the fallout from the end of a relationship, this may seem like a tall order, but we know from experience that being able to sit down together and agree – either informally or through mediation – on financial issues and questions of childcare, will make the process much simpler and quicker, and avoid the need to turn to the courts. When dealing with a divorce UK 2022 we will always work to reach an agreement between the parties, but if this is not possible then we are more than ready to represent our clients in court and ensure that any post-divorce agreement on issues such as finances and child-care is as fair as possible.

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