Elton & David – Love Conquers All

We are joyful here at Higgins Miller to see that an announcement has been made by Sir Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish that they are to marry after a change in the law in England and Wales to allow same-sex weddings for the first time

The NBC show in America was told “We’ll do it very quietly. But we will do it and it will be a joyous occasion.” It is expected that their marriage will take place in an English register office in May.

Elton & David registered their civil partnership in 2005 but Sir Elton has confirmed that he will be ‘upgrading’ their marital status:-  “I’m very proud of Britain and the laws that we’ve seen come into existence since we’ve been together,” Sir Elton said. “Having our civil partnership was an incredible breakthrough for people that have campaigned for a long time … So for this legislation to come through is joyous, and we should celebrate it. We shouldn’t just say, ‘Oh, well we have a civil partnership. We’re not going to bother to get married.’ We will get married.”

For those wishing to convert their Civil Partnership to a marriage, the government is proposing a process that will allow this in the near future, however Elton and David do not wish to miss out on the chance to celebrate their union once more; The matter is particularly important now the couple have children as there is all the more reason to celebrate, said Elton;  “With the kids, everything is different,” he said. “I think what we’ll do is go to a registry office in England in May, and take the boys with us, and a couple of witnesses.”

The couple have two sons, Zachary who was born in 2010 and Elijah, born last year.

Furnish added: “since we’re committed for life, we feel it’s really important to take that step, and take advantage of that amazing change in legislation. We all live by example.”

What a commendable example too, good luck gentlemen.

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April 1, 2014


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