Emergency Legal Advice During Christmas

As one of the leading firms of family law experts in Manchester, we specialise in helping our clients deal with some of the most difficult, stressful and traumatic events that life can throw at them. From divorce to bereavement and domestic violence, members of our team are on hand to offer a combination of expert legal advice and sympathetic emotional support, and to ensure the best possible long-term outcome. Although it’s to be hoped that issues of this kind won’t arise during the Christmas period, you can be assured that Higgins Miller will be on hand with emergency legal advice if they do.

Although Christmas should, ideally, be devoted to sharing time with friends and family and relaxing with a few days off work, the truth of the matter is that the kind of tensions which can sometimes lead to legal disputes are often exacerbated at this time of the year. It’s no secret that the divorce rate tends to rise over Christmas, and stresses and tensions around money, debt and family responsibilities can also trigger incidents of domestic violence.

If you do need emergency legal advice during the holiday period then please look no further than Higgins Miller. As specialists in issues of family law, we have a team of experts on hand, all well versed in dealing with matters such as divorce and civil partnerships, children disputes, domestic violence and wills and probate.

Although we know everything there is to know about the legal, technical ramifications of the cases we handle, we understand that – during Christmas more than probably any other time – our clients are looking to us for the swiftest possible resolution and the chance to carry on with their life. We always work to find the easiest route through any particular set of circumstances, seeking mediation where possible an agreement between the various parties involved. Our aim is always to minimise the stress, cost and impact of the situation as much as possible, and to do so in a manner which is completely transparent. For the average person the language of legal issues can often make a difficult situation even more daunting, so we make sure we communicate in the plainest possible English, keeping our clients fully informed from their first point of contact until the situation has been resolved.

If you do encounter problems over Christmas then please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll just have to put up with the situation until the New Year.  Although our office closes at 4 pm on Friday 22nd December and re-opens at 9 am on Tuesday 2nd January, our emergency service is still on hand throughout the break. If you need help or advice during that time then please ring us on calling us on 0161 429 7251 or email us at [email protected]. and we’ll do our very best to help you.


December 22, 2017


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