Increases in divorce in January

Every year at Higgins Miller Solicitors we are used to seeing an increase in new clients wanting to commence divorce proceedings in January. This can sometimes be because they have had a difficult time over Christmas with their spouse or simply because they want to make a new start along with the new year.

We will always discuss all of the options with new clients to see whether divorce is actually what they want. If necessary we will refer them to organizations such as Relate to see whether relationship counselling can help resolve their problems.

If the marriage is completely broken down then we will do our very best to help our client’s resolve matters in the most amicable way possible whilst still achieving our clients’ objectives. We also do what we can to minimise costs and we now offer a fixed fee divorce for £250 plus VAT to help our clients keep track of their costs as the process moves forward. We also offer legal aid subject to eligibility.

We also routinely refer clients to mediation only using court as a last resort. We find that if people can reach agreement on issues such as financial settlements and arrangements for children then they are far more likely to be successful. However, we do recognise that sometimes it is impossible to resolve matters in this way, particularly if the client’s spouse is unwilling to be co-operative and in those circumstances we able to offer full advice and representation in relation to court proceedings.

If you are looking for a family solicitor in Stockport then please contact us to arrange an initial appointment with one of our solicitors.

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