Justice for All

The Government has proposed some radical changes to legal aid which we at Higgins Miller simply don’t agree with. We believe that the proposals would leave many of our clients simply unable to access legal advice at difficult times in their lives. This is unacceptable as it discriminates against people who cannot afford to pay for legal representation.

There are many campaigns running to try to raise the profile of this issue. The Law Society’s Sound Off for Justice campaign is urging supporters to sign their petition. To add your signature visit their homepage. They are also asking people to vote for 38 Degrees (The organisation that was instrumental in forcing the Government’s U-turn in relation to their plans to privatise our forests) to take up the legal aid campaign as their next project. To have your vote please visit their website.

Justice for All are another organisation who are fighting the cuts to legal aid and they are planning a day of action this Friday (3rd June) to try to further raise the profile of the campaign. We are supporting this campaign at Higgins Miller and would urge you all to do the same.

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