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Let Our Child Custody Divorce Experts Help You

We specialise in family law at Higgins Miller and that means we’re used to dealing with issues such as wills and probate, adoption and divorce. What all of these issues have in common is that they deal with some of the most stressful and seismic life-events an individual can be put through. That’s why the […]

Dealing With Divorce With Children

Divorce is usually a traumatic and stressful experience for all parties concerned, even if the couple in question manages to keep things fairly amicable. A divorce with children involved, however, can make things much more complicated and even more emotionally draining than simply accepting that a relationship has ended. As family law experts we’re used […]

Dealing With a Child Dispute in 2021

As specialists in family law, the solicitors at Higgins Miller have got the expertise and experience needed to help clients dealing with some of the most stressful events that life is likely to throw at them. These can include coping with the complexities of wills and probate, dealing with interactions with social services, working through […]

Finding Out About Divorce in 2021

Here at Higgins Miller we specialise in family law, dealing with emotional and often stressful situations such as wills and probate, children disputes, interaction with social services and adoption. Our depth of experience in these areas means that we understand that clients need advice which is clear, jargon-free and up to the minute, delivered in […]

The Reality of a Quickie Divorce

New Year is traditionally a time for new beginnings and making a fresh start, but it’s also a time for facing up to issues and resolving to deal with them. For many couples the period around Christmas either persuades them to stay together at least until the festivities are over, or creates tensions which persuade […]

How Much Is A Divorce?

Here at Higgins Miller we specialise in family law and are used to dealing with cases which involve highly emotional topics such as children disputes, wills and probate and interactions with social services. One thing which we recognise is that for many people having to deal with an issue of this kind will involve their […]

Enquiring About a Divorce After Christmas

As specialists in family law we’re keenly aware of the fact that many of the legal decisions which people take are based on the strongest possible emotions as much as expert advice from solicitors. We handle cases involving events such as adoption, children disputes and domestic abuse, and in all circumstances we recognise that people […]

Why We Still Work As Legal Aid Solicitors

At Higgins Miller, we believe that legal support should be available for everyone, irrespective of their income, and that is why we are proud of our status as Legal Aid solicitors. As family law experts we deal with people going through some of the most stressful and upsetting things that life can throw at them, […]