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Mediation for all separating couples

The Government announced yesterday that all divorcing couples who have a dispute to resolve around children or finances will be required to attend an assessment session to determine whether mediation would be appropriate before any applications to court would be allowed. You can read more about the proposals here. At Higgins Miller we are strong believers […]

Katie Price and Peter Andre’s Children Dispute

Peter Andre is understood to have issued court papers seeking ‘custody’ in respect of his and Katie Price’s children; Princess and Junior. Yet to be confirmed by Andre’s agent it is thought that Peter has made an application for the residence of both children following shocking allegations that Princess was burnt during a recent holiday […]

Legal Aid

We have spoken a lot about legal aid recently. The Law Society has launched a campaign to help members of the public understand what changes are proposed and how they will affect people’s rights to legal aid. You can also sign a petition to add your support to the campaign.

Government’s Proposed Changes to Legal Aid

We are doing everything that we can to resist the Government’s proposed changes to legal aid and we will be submitting our response to the proposals in the next few days. We are pleased to note that people who have received legal aid have been willing to speak out to the Government about their experiences. Read more […]


At Higgins Miller  Solicitors we have always been committed to resolving your case in the best way possible for you and your circumstances. That can be done in lots of different ways such as face to face negotiation, letters and phone calls between solicitors and, sometimes, court. We have always been committed to mediation: the […]

Domestic Violence

We are pleased to see that the Supreme Court has ruled that domestic violence is more than just physical violence. The Court found that domestic violence includes physical violence, threatening or intimidating behaviour and any other form of abuse that, directly or indirectly, may give rise to the risk of harm. We are only too […]

Legal Aid

We are concerned about the effect of the proposed changes to legal aid, especially on more vulnerable members of society. Below is an article from the Guardian which sets out some of the concerns that we share.

Katie Price and Alex Reid announce their plans to divorce

Katie Price and Alex Reid have announced that they plan to divorce after marrying in Las Vegas in February 2010. Because they have been married for less than a year they will have to wait to issue divorce proceedings. The law in England and Wales prohibits any divorce petition being presented to the court when […]

Fixed Fee Divorce

Going through a divorce is hard enough but its made worse when you have to worry about the cost of it. That’s why we have launched our fixed fee for divorce scheme. The scheme is designed for undefended divorces proceeding by consent. If you are starting the divorce then our fee is £250 plus VAT* and […]

Changes to Legal Aid

The government has published a consultation about changes to legal aid. The changes that are suggested would mean that some areas of advice such as children disputes, divorce and financial disputes which are currently covered by legal aid would no longer have funding available except in much more limited circumstances. This would result in our […]