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Can I Get Legal Aid?

As family law experts we spend a lot of time dealing with people who haven’t got much experience of working with solicitors. For many of our clients a life event such as divorce, adoption or dealing with a will and probate represents their first encounter with complex legal matters, and we do our best to […]

What is a Legal Separation?

As specialists in family law the team at Higgins Miller are used to dealing with people going through extremely stressful life-experiences. This includes dealing with matters such as adoption, wills and probate and children disputes. In all cases we work extremely closely with our clients, offering support and empathy as well as a complete grasp […]

A Stockport Solicitor by Your Side

As a Stockport solicitor, we pride ourselves on being ready and waiting for clients who are based in our local area. We specialise in family law, and that means that we’re here for people to turn to during some of the most stressful periods of their life. Whether this involves a divorce, adoption, dealing with […]

Work With a Social Work Lawyer Who Cares

Higgins Miller is a firm which specialises in family law. This means that we deal with issues such as divorce, wills and probate and domestic abuse. The client who come to work with us are often coping with highly stressful situations which, in many cases, represent the first time they have had serious dealings with […]

Our Social Services Help is Here for You

At the heart of the kind of issues we deal with every day are human beings undergoing a great deal of stress. That’s because we specialise in family law, and this means dealing with people working through extremely difficult periods in their life such as a divorce, dealing with probate following a death and cases […]

Our Will Writers Have the Expertise You Need

As family law experts, the team at Higgins Miller are used to dealing with some of the most difficult issues that people ever have to face. Although matters such as divorce, children disputes and domestic abuse are clearly extremely stressful the topic which many of our clients find the most difficult to cope with is […]

The Process of Applying For Sole Custody

Lawyers at Higgins Miller are experts when it comes to dealing with family law. This encompassesmatters as varied as wills and probate, divorce and contact with social services. It also means thatwe deal with people trying to do the best for their child when a relationship comes to an end, andthis sometimes involves a parent […]