Find the Local Solicitor You Need at Higgins Miller

If you live in the Stockport area and you’re looking for a local solicitor, then look no further than Higgins Miller. We’re based in Stockport and we offer our services to anyone who needs them, but we know, as a local solicitor, that our down to earth, empathetic approach is hugely appreciated by the people of Stockport, Greater Manchester and the wider North West.

We specialise in family law, which means that we help people who are coping with highly stressful life events such as the end of a relationship or bereavement. Working with a local solicitor from Higgins Miller means working with someone who combines legal expertise with a supportive and empathetic approach. If the situation involves the possibility of conflict – as is the case with children disputes or divorces – we will always work to find a solution that avoids confrontation while still delivering the results a client is looking for.  We understand that, for many people, their contact with us will be their first major interaction with the legal system and that this can be extremely daunting. When combined with the issues which are actually being dealt with, having to take legal advice is almost bound to cause a great deal of anxiety, and, as a local solicitor, we do everything we can to minimise this anxiety.

We do this, initially, by working in a completely transparent and open manner. We speak to our clients in the kind of language they’ll understand, rather than baffling them with obscure legal jargon. We also operate a clear and easily-understood pricing system. We understand that one of the things which cause people to hesitate when it comes to retaining the services of a local solicitor is a fear that the price they have to pay could quickly spiral out of control. This won’t happen with Higgins Miller, because we operate a simple and affordable pricing structure, and also because we always work to minimise the chances of more expensive options such as repeated appearances in court. 

Amongst the services we deal with as a local solicitor are:

Divorce and the dissolution of civil partnerships – we’ll explain what the grounds for divorce are and exactly how the process of petitioning for divorce and being granted a decree nisi and decree absolute actually works. 

Wills and probate – whether you want to write a will to ensure that your estate is handled properly after your death, or you’re dealing with the death of someone close to you, we’ll take you through things step by step, in a calm and sympathetic manner. Probate, in particular, can be a long and complex process, and we’ll work with you to ensure that difficult issues such as Inheritance Tax don’t make what is already a difficult time even harder to cope with. 

Children Disputes – deciding what is best for the children is often the most difficult aspect of the end of a relationship. As a local solicitor we work with clients in a calm and reasoned manner, removing the anger and bitterness which can often blight such discussions and attempting to reach an agreed solution which is the best for everyone involved, but in particular the children. 

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March 4, 2020