Come to Higgins Miller For A Quickie Divorce 2022

For a lot of people a new year offers the chance to have a new start, and we know from experience that many people’s idea of a new start involves ending their marriage. We specialise in family law, dealing with difficult issues such as wills and probate, children disputes and adoption, and a large part of the work we do involves helping couples to deal with the process of divorce. Our approach is to offer a combination of expert legal advice and the kind of emotional support we know our clients appreciate, and this applies to anyone who comes to us seeking a quickie divorce 2022. 

The phrase quickie divorce 2022 applies not so much to the law itself – which is dues to change in April 2022 to allow no fault divorces – but to the approach taken by both parties and the solicitors representing them. Clearly, the end of any relationship is a difficult and emotionally challenging time, and all too often these emotions are allowed to dominate the process of divorce, leading to arguments and, ultimately, the need to go to court to settle the process. When we offer the prospect of a quickie divorce 2022 we refer to the fact that we work with clients to settle things as amicably as possible. 

The formal process of a quickie divorce 2022 is set out in law, and involves stages such as deciding what the grounds of the divorce will be, applying for the divorce and then waiting for the decree nisi and decree absolute. Part of the modernisation of the process due to be introduced in April of this year is the fact that terms like ‘decree nisi’ will no longer be used in an attempt to make the process more accessible, but the issues which currently might get in the way of a quickie divorce 2022 tend to revolve around the question of financial matters, and how any children of the marriage will be cared for. 

When we work with clients seeking a quickie divorce 2022 we will guide them, wherever possible, toward the process of mediation. Many people shy away from this concept, fearing that it involves some outsider attempting to persuade the couple to reconcile, but this is not actually the case. We accept that when clients come to us seeking a divorce it is because ending the marriage in question is clearly the best course of action for all involved. Offering mediation means working toward a quickie divorce 2022 in a calm and non-confrontational manner, by working with a professional and impartial third party to settle any disagreements. Answering the question of what the grounds for divorce will be is usually relatively simple, with the options being as follows: 

• Adultery – one of the parties has had sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex.

• Unreasonable behaviour – these are highly flexible grounds for a quickie divorce 2022. At one end of the spectrum unreasonable behaviour could apply to actions such as domestic violence or coercive control, but it can also cover issues such as one partner spending far too much time at work or away from the family home. In many cases, when a couple feel that the marriage has simply run its course and they have drifted apart irrevocably, unreasonable behaviour offers the simplest grounds to opt for. 

• Living apart for more than two years – if a married couple have lived apart for at least two years, and both agree to the divorce, then these grounds can be used. 

• Living apart for more than five years – if a married couple have not been living together for at least five years either partner can file for divorce even if the other does not agree. 

Settling the grounds for divorce and dealing with the paperwork is often the simplest part of the process, although anyone seeking a quickie divorce 2022 should work with expert solicitors when making the application to ensure that no issues with the paperwork end up slowing things down. What is more likely to slow the process down and turn a quickie divorce 2022 into a long, drawn-out process is the question of agreeing on financial matters and the care of children. It is here that our expertise in guiding clients through the process really comes to the fore, in as much as we know how to remove the conflict and bitterness from discussions and concentrate on the practical matters which need to be resolved. This is where mediation comes into its own, as it provides a space in which a divorcing couple can come to an agreement on financial questions such as the following:

  • How will household bills and expenses be handled post-divorce?
  • Which of the parties will continue to live in the family home, or will the property need to be sold and the proceeds divided?
  • How will outstanding joint debts be handled?
  • How will assets such as investments and savings be divided?
  • How will jointly-purchase possessions be divided?

Encouraging the parties in a divorce to be completely open about their respective financial situations, and to work together to answer questions like these is a large part of delivering a quickie divorce 2022. Our expertise and hands on experience will enable us to guide clients through the process of mediation and negotiation in a way which removes the sense of anger and conflict which is almost bound to be lurking in the background and, above all, navigate the divorce process without having to turn to the courts. We know from experience just how much time, stress and expense court appearances add to any divorce, and will do everything we can to ensure that our clients can avoid them wherever possible.

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