Rugby Star found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend

Welsh rugby star Ian Gough has been found guilty of assaulting his ex-partner and the mother of his son. Sophie Cahill who is a former Miss Wales alleged that Mr Gough assaulted her during a handover of their son.

At Higgins Miller we often encounter clients who have difficulties at handovers. This is of course not only distressing for the adults involved but extremely upsetting for the children who witness it.

We have found that there are many strategies that can be put in place to try to make handovers easier. Some examples are:

  • involving a third party such as a friend or relative;
  • meeting in a public place;
  • ensuing that agreed times are strictly adhered to which helps to avoid increased tensions;
  • having the children move from one home to anther via school so one parent drops off in the morning and the other collects later.

None of these are ideal of course and it is always better for parents to put their own difficulties aside for the benefit of the children.

if you are experiencing difficulties with an ex-partner and would like some more information please contact us.

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