Simon Cowell named as Co-respondent

Simon Cowell has confirmed that he is indeed to be a father after weeks of speculation. His relationship with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, has been the subject of much gossip over the last few weeks but until now it has not been confirmed or denied by either party. Simon confirmed last night at the premiere of the One Direction film, “This is Us,” that Ms Silverman is expecting his baby.

Unusually Simon Cowell had been named as co-respondent in Ms Silverman’s divorce from her husband Andrew. The matter was eventually settled and there was no need for Mr Cowell to attend court.

At Higgins Miller we do not often have to deal with the issue of naming a co-respondent in a divorce. We would encourage clients against taking this step as an attempt to avoid animosity on both sides and to encourage agreement between parties to divorce, especially where there are issues of finances and children to be resolved. This appears to be the reason why the Silverman’s divorce was settled. In a statement Mr Silverman explained that his priority was to settle the matter quickly for the benefit of the couple’s seven year old son.

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