Specialist Divorce Advice From The Experts

As Christmas approaches we accept that the last thing on most people’s minds will be seeking legal advice, but the truth of the matter is that problems requiring such advice can still arise no matter what time of year it is. As family law experts, we also know full well that the stresses and tensions which sometimes arise at this time of year can lead to problems of their own, and this is particular the case where family relationships are concerned.

Christmas and the New Year period, as well as being a focus for celebration, are times for looking back and taking stock, and this can often lead to people deciding to undertake major changes in their life. We specialise in issues such as children disputes, adoption and special guardianship, domestic violence and other facets of family law. Specialising in areas such as these mean that we are well-versed in dealing with the emotional toll which taking legal action can take on people.

Even if a client comes to us seeking basic advice rather than wanting to embark on a specific course of action, we’ll make sure that the help we offer balances legal expertise with emotional understanding. Although we’re experts with years of handling such cases behind us, we never lose sight of how distressing any kind of brush with the legal system can be for the average person, and we always go out of our way to ensure that the help we offer is aimed at easing this emotional pain as much as anything else.

This is particularly true when it comes to offering divorce advice. We know from experience that many people instigate divorce proceedings in the months immediately following the Christmas period. According to surveys, the number of people seeking divorce advice, or otherwise investigating ending a relationship, can jump up by as much as 25% in the first few weeks of January. We’ve dealt with this phenomenon ourselves and appreciate the effort which people have often made to get through the Christmas period without handling the conflict and stress which any divorce is bound to trigger. This is particularly true when there are children involved in the relationship, and many of the clients who come to us for divorce advice in January tell us that they reached their decision before Christmas but held off from acting upon it in order to protect their children.

Ending any relationship is a complex and upsetting business, particularly when financial issues and the future care of any children have to be taken into account. Whether our clients are married or part of a civil partnership we will provide divorce advice designed to make it crystal clear exactly what their rights and responsibilities are, and how the process will unfold if they do decide to take action. Throughout, the focus of our divorce advice will be minimising stress, removing conflict wherever possible and arriving at a solution which is the quickest and least emotionally draining.

If you need divorce advice, either now or in the New Year, then please contact us on 0161 429 7251, or send us an email at [email protected]. We provide an initial legal aid appraisal lasting 20 minutes free of charge, either face to face or over the phone, and a Fixed Fee first appointment will cost just £50 (Plus VAT). For a summary of our wider case funding processes, please see here.

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