Tragic waste of couple’s assets

In a mu judgement last week the Judge criticised the couple who had spent over £1 million in legal fees arguing over a fund with a value of £6 million.

Mr and Mrs Fields had separated after a 10 year marriage and had two young children. They then engaged in a four year dispute over the matrimonial assets which ended last week with the court judgement.

Whilst its easy to dismiss this as not relevant to most people, the principles do apply even if the numbers may be somewhat different. It is our view that when considering a financial settlement clients have to consider both their aims in terms of outcome but also their potential expenditure in achieving those aims. If a cost is likely to outweigh a benefit then they must always consider whether an out of court settlement is more appropriate.

At Higgins Miller we are doing everything we can to ensure that clients keep the costs of their litigation down whilst still representing their best interests and giving advice about all of their options. With this in mind we have a structure of both hourly rates and fixed fees for clients to choose from to ensure that they get the best value for their money.

If you need advice on a financial settlement please contact us for further information.

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