Welcome Victoria

We at Higgins Miller are pleased to welcome the newest member of our team, trainee solicitor, Victoria Brearley.

Victoria attended the University of Liverpool, graduating in the summer of 2011. She then completed her Legal Practice Course at The College of Law in Manchester and joined the team at Higgins Miller straight afterwards.

Victoria took part in a number of extra-curricular activities alongside her studies which developed her skills and made her a perfect fit for our team.

Whilst at university Victoria volunteered as an Appropriate Adult for Greater Manchester Police Authority which involved her being present at police interviews when the person arrested was either young or vulnerable in some way. This allowed her to develop her communication skills and gave her a taste of working in an often pressured and emotionally charged situation. Victoria tells us that she felt it was very important for her to ensure that the rights of the person who had been arrested were observed and she felt confident in interjecting if the police officers did not do so.

Whilst studying for her legal practice course Victoria worked for The National Centre for Domestic Violence where she was involved with drafting statements and court applications for people affected by domestic violence to allow them to apply to court for an injunction to protect them. At Higgins Miller we regularly represent people in this situation and therefore Victoria will be a valuable addition to our team in this regard.

If you need help or advice in relation to issues of domestic violence or any other family law issue please contact us through our website or on 0161 4297251.



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