Wish list

The Family Justice Young People’s Board established by Cafcass (the family court advisory service) has published a list of wishes as to how it would like the family justice system to operate.

The top five wishes are:

  • Cases do not drag on and are always focused on our needs;
  • There is more support when we just need to speak to someone;
  • We find a way for the court to keep us informed about cases, such as when big decisions are going to be made about our lives;
  • Help is available when things get tough and everyone’s arguments stress us out;
  • We have a way to tell the people involved in our case about the good and bad bits, and know they would listen.

At Higgins Miller we recognise that the most important people involved in family court proceedings are the children and therefore we hope that the family justice system as a whole takes note of these wishes. For advice on any family legal matter contact us.


January 22, 2013

Children Disputes

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