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Mark Higgins

When I started out it was in a general high street practice where you were expected to deal with anything that turned up. That meant I dealt with family matters, neighbour disputes, criminal matters, conveyancing, injury cases literally anything.

Over the years the profession has become more specialised and now my work covers two main areas – Family (that includes divorce, separation, children, financial disputes and child care) and wills, probate and lasting powers of attorney.

So often people feel trapped in a relationship that they cannot get out of and stay together through fear, inertia, for financial reasons or because they believe that its best for the children. Having seen this first hand this is never a good quality of life. It has a negative affect not only on my client but others who are important to them. I want to help them find solutions so that they can plan and build better lives. Its diverse, no two situations are the same, expect the unexpected and deal with it. The profession has changed a lot over the years, that means that we have to adapt in what we do and how we do it.

Helping a client reach a conclusion that means that they can plan a better life. However small the problem might seem to others, the most important thing for them is having it resolved successfully in a cost efficient manner.

I want to help people build better lives for themselves.

Sarah Miller

It’s great to be able to help people often when they are at the lowest point in their lives and to be able to offer solutions to problems that they might have thought were not even possible.

Started as a trainee in 2005 and qualified in 2007. I specialise in all areas of family law including: care proceedings, divorce, financial matters and children disputes.

I like the fact that all cases are different and because they are so important to the people involved it is very satisfying to be able to help a client achieve the result that they want. Whether that means securing a fair financial settlement, agreeing an arrangement for their children or helping them to work with social services to secure the return of their children to their care.

I enjoy the variety of work and the fact that each day is different from the last. I like being able to spend time in the office working on cases one minute and the next minute having to go out to court to represent a client in an emergency application. The job requires commitment and the ability to care about each and every client and their case.

I like having the ability to guide a client through whichever legal process they are facing and hopefully assisting them in coming out the other side in the best way possible.

Elisabeth Karlowski 

I enjoy meeting different people with varying backgrounds and issues that need to be resolved.

I started as a trainee solicitor in 2003, qualified in 2005. I specialise in Family Law including Children, Childcare, Divorce and separation.

I qualified into a predominantly criminal firm. However within a short time I moved to a practice that dealt solely with Family Law. I made this decision as I had spent some time at a Family Firm of Solicitors during my training contact and felt that I gained a greater sense of job satisfaction in being able to help people going through one of the most difficult and traumatic times they may experience in their lives following a relationship breakdown or dealing with matters when at risk of losing their children.

Every client has their own unique experiences and it’s a challenge and essential and to be able to adapt to any given situation.

Being able to provide realistic advice to clients to achieve the best possible outcome to their troubles and to support them through what is often a very emotional and strained period of time to make difficult and sometimes life changing decisions.