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Mark Higgins – Solicitor

When I started out it was in a general high street practice where you were expected to deal with anything that turned up. That meant I dealt with family matters, neighbour disputes, criminal matters, conveyancing, injury cases literally anything.

Over the years the profession has become more specialised and now my work covers two main areas – Family (that includes divorce, separation, children, financial disputes and child care) and wills, probate and lasting powers of attorney.

So often people feel trapped in a relationship that they cannot get out of and stay together through fear, inertia, for financial reasons or because they believe that its best for the children. Having seen this first hand this is never a good quality of life. It has a negative affect not only on my client but others who are important to them. I want to help them find solutions so that they can plan and build better lives. Its diverse, no two situations are the same, expect the unexpected and deal with it. The profession has changed a lot over the years, that means that we have to adapt in what we do and how we do it.

Helping a client reach a conclusion that means that they can plan a better life. However small the problem might seem to others, the most important thing for them is having it resolved successfully in a cost efficient manner.

I want to help people build better lives for themselves.

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Sarah Miller – Solicitor

It’s great to be able to help people often when they are at the lowest point in their lives and to be able to offer solutions to problems that they might have thought were not even possible.

Started as a trainee in 2005 and qualified in 2007. I specialise in all areas of family law including: care proceedings, divorce, financial matters and children disputes.

I like the fact that all cases are different and because they are so important to the people involved it is very satisfying to be able to help a client achieve the result that they want. Whether that means securing a fair financial settlement, agreeing an arrangement for their children or helping them to work with social services to secure the return of their children to their care.

I enjoy the variety of work and the fact that each day is different from the last. I like being able to spend time in the office working on cases one minute and the next minute having to go out to court to represent a client in an emergency application. The job requires commitment and the ability to care about each and every client and their case.

I like having the ability to guide a client through whichever legal process they are facing and hopefully assisting them in coming out the other side in the best way possible.

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Lucy Eatough – Solicitor

I qualified as a Solicitor in 2000, at that time practising criminal and family law. Since 2008 I have specialised in family law. I advise and represent clients in relation to children cases (including disputes between parents and care proceedings concerning the local authority) and in relation to separation, divorce, and financial matters. I have been working at Higgins Miller Solicitors since May 2018, before that I worked in the Manchester area. I aim to provide straightforward advice and support through the legal process at what is often a very difficult time for clients.

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Claire Anstee – Solicitor

I completed my Law degree at the University of Chester in 2008 and went on to complete my LPC with the University of Law in 2009. Following this I went on to work for Slater & Gordon Lawyers initially advising clients in various areas of law before specialising in Personal Injury. I was then able to secure a training contact with Russell & Russell Solicitors where I undertook seats in Personal Injury and Wills and Probate.

However, throughout my career I knew that my passion lay within the field of Family Law and completed the last three months of my training contact with Higgins Miller Solicitors.

I have worked for Higgins Miller Solicitors since September 2017. I run a varied caseload assisting clients in all family Law related matters such as divorce, finances, child arrangements, care proceedings and injunctions. I enjoy the variety of work and that I can be meeting with clients one minute and be required to represent them at Court at a moment’s notice.

I love being able to support my clients through one of the most difficult times in their lives, and aim to ensure that it is as stress free as possible, whilst obtaining the best outcome for my client in the most cost effective manner.

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Georgina Howe – Paralegal

I have been working at Higgins Miller Solicitors since August 2014. I initially joined the firm as a legal apprentice and upon completion of my apprenticeship qualified as a Paralegal in September 2017. Since this time, I have been training to become a Solicitor via the solicitor apprenticeship programme with the University of Law. I work alongside the solicitors to provide advice and assistance to a client in what is often a very difficult time in their life. I hope to ensure that anyone who is in need of a family lawyer gets the best support possible.

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Bethan Higgins – Secretary

I started my role at Higgins Miller in March 2016.

Being able to help and reassure clients through their difficult times and hopefully achieving a positive result. I came to work at Higgins Miller to allow me to experience a wider range of work and learn more and by doing so I feel I am able to help the clients out more and to the best of my ability than before if they have any questions that need answering.

I like being part of a team and giving the best possible care to clients who are struggling. I feel I am able to give clients the help that they need and also assist the solicitor with conduct in doing so by keeping the client updated where possible.

I am often the first point of contact and I like to think of myself as approachable, understanding and friendly. I always try my best to help a client in need and do what I can to resolve the situation and reassure the client.

Every client and their case is unique and should receive the high level of service that they expect. It is important to treat every client as someone who is special and a priority.

I get satisfaction in knowing that I have in some way helped clients through a difficult period in their life and hopefully helped them in some way achieve the positive outcome they came to Higgins Miller looking for.

Cara Rodriguez Office Manager/Secretary 

Since the company was established in 2010, but I have been the secretary to Mark Higgins since 1994.

There are many positive aspects to the work that I do, but perhaps the most enjoyable is that I am able to interact with such a vast variety of people from both sides of the legal fence. Best of all I like to think that I can help clients through what is so often very difficult times in their lives.

I always try to do my best for clients because I recognise that the majority of them are experiencing really serious problems in their lives. I always believe that if I, as part of the team, can help in some way to ease those pressures then it will also help to give them the confidence they need to face the future with a more positive approach.

I am often the first point of contact when a new client approaches Higgins Miller and over the years I have learned that an understanding and sympathetic voice can make all the difference. Very often I am able to reassure desperate people that there is a solution to their seemingly insurmountable problem and that they can rely on Higgins Miller to do everything possible in order to bring about a positive conclusion.

Every client believes that they are unique and in truth they are. So it is important to treat every case, every person, as someone who is very special. I know that the right words at the right time can really help to bring relief and restore confidence when events may be at their blackest. Being there for clients, whether it is at the end of the phone or face to face in the office just couldn’t be more important.

The thing that is so satisfying about my job is knowing that I have made a difference and knowing that the clients I have helped have
also appreciated what I have been able to provide.

Shirley Hopkinson – Secretary

I have worked for Higgins Miller since the company was formed in 2010 and prior to that, I worked for their predecessors, Clive G Wood & Co. for 7 years.

There are many aspects of my job that I enjoy. I like to follow a client’s case from the start and be involved with the progress through to the end. I enjoy dealing with clients and professionals both face to face and on the telephone. I also like the variety of dealing with different types of cases within Family Law.

I like to think that if I show clients that I care then that will help them through what is very often a difficult time in their lives and also, give them the confidence to face whatever situation lies before them. I like to think that I play a large part in the process of attaining the best possible result for clients.

I feel that I am a friendly, approachable and compassionate person but I also deal with clients in a professional manner. I try to ensure that clients can feel confident that the people dealing with their case have their best interests at heart and there is always somebody there to listen to them.

I think clients should feel as though they are the only clients I deal with and they are very important to me and the firm. I like clients to feel that I understand their situation and they know they can talk to me if the need arises.

I get job satisfaction when clients are 100% happy with the service they have received and that having somebody to talk to has made a difference and they achieve the best possible outcome in their case.

Louise Bowden – Receptionist

I have been working at Higgins Miller for over 3 years now.

Assisting clients both face to face and by telephone.

Often clients are confused, upset and unsure as to how to begin the legal process at one of the most difficult times of their lives. I feel that if I give clients a high-end experience and treat them with the best possible care they will hopefully be happier with the process and results and are more likely to seek help from us in the future.

I feel that I am patient, discreet, a good listener and friendly but professional in my approach.

Because our clients rely on us to care and treat them as though they are our only client. A high level of service is expected at every level of personnel.

It gives me job satisfaction when I see a client getting the outcome they wanted and to know that I may have contributed to this process by providing solid information, passing on relevant correspondence, listening and responding to clients needs.

Helen Desborough – Receptionist

I have worked for Higgins Miller for just over 5 months.

Helping new and existing clients over the phone or face to face.

I want to be able to help our clients by giving them excellent customer service when they seek help with the legal process during what can be a very difficult time for them.

I am a good listener, friendly but professional, and look to help people whenever I can.

Our clients are looking to us to give them the best service we can provide and treat them as individuals.

Knowing that I have done the best job possible to support the client either through passing on the relevant information/correspondence or listening to and responding to their needs.