Why You Should Use Will Writing Solicitors in 2022

Why You Should Use Will Writing Solicitors in 2022 

We’ve written previously about the importance of writing a will and the impact which not writing a will can have on the loved ones you leave behind when you die. As family solicitors, we’re used to dealing with highly emotional issues such as divorce, adoption and children disputes, and we know what toll questions of this kind can take on people. We also know that a will that isn’t written properly can cause huge problems for the surviving members of a family, and that’s why we always recommend working with will writing solicitors in 2022. 

As will writing solicitors 2022 we understand the importance of making sure that every single detail of a will is completed correctly. We understand that there are many options available such as online will writing tools which may seem to simplify the process and cut the cost, but we know from experience that wills of this kind are far more likely to be subject to a legal challenge following your death. This would result in any saving made when writing the will being swallowed up many times over by the legal cost of upholding your final wishes for the loved ones you leave behind. 

One of the aspects of writing a will that makes it so important to work with will writing solicitors in 2022 is that a modern will is a highly complex document. A few decades ago the concept of leaving behind a valuable estate may well have been seen as the preserve of only the wealthiest in society, but factors such as the ever-rising value of property has seen that idea shift, so that more and more people now have estates which need to be handled extremely carefully. 

Only will writing solicitors in 2022, for example, will understand exactly how the inheritance tax (IHT) system works, and how a will can be structured to ensure that the people you leave your estate to only pay the minimum and get to keep as much of what you bequeath to them as possible. Will writing solicitors in 2022 will explain that leaving parts of your estate in a trust will minimise the IHT to be paid and will also control the way in which the money is passed on. Money, property or possessions left to a child, for example, could eventually end up being targeted during a divorce if that child subsequently marries and divorces. Using a Trust set up with the help of will writing solicitors in 2022 will ensure that the appointed Trustees control the part of the estate in question, and that it remains protected in the future. 

Here at Higgins Miller, we make a point of providing legal advice which is affordable and acting as will writing solicitors in 2022 in a manner that is accessible to as many people as possible. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the things they have spent their lives working to build will be passed on according to their wishes after they die and that their loved ones will be provided for in the way that they wish. That’s what will happen when you work with will writing solicitors in 2022, and we’re also happy to help people who want to make changes to an existing will.

This is increasingly likely to be the case for a number of reasons; people are living longer, many people are now married two or more times during their lives and the overall value of an estate is likely to rise over the course of a decade or so as the value of the family home increases. Changes of this kind have to be introduced in the form of a legal document called a codicil, which has to be signed and witnessed in exactly the same way as the original will. Failure to do so, or to introduce changes simply by altering the content of the original will, is likely to spark legal challenges once the will have been read, and to result in the beneficiaries having to pay large and costly legal bills. Working with will writing solicitors in 2022 will ensure that this isn’t the case and that the will you leave behind is legally watertight and accurately reflects your wishes for your loved ones and your estate.

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February 23, 2022