Social services and your children

The topic of social services and your children can instantly and overwhelmingly cause anxiety and deep worry among parents. As a team, we promise that we understand the negative connotations and concerns that inevitably arise. However, we’re hoping this article will debunk some common myths and misconceptions. In our experience with cases that involve social […]

The importance of Legal Aid

We’ve covered legal aid before, specifically linked to domestic violence and legal aid. We’ve seen a huge rise in our clients’ financial questions and concerns, linked to the ongoing Cost of Living crisis. We appreciate every single worry, question and concern, so we’ve dedicated this whole article to discussing the importance of Legal Aid, and […]

Fixed fees, wills and probate solicitors

Following on from our previous article on the significance of having a will that is up-to-date, especially when you are separating from your partner, we thought it would be helpful to discuss your will writing options in a little more detail. Will writing – what are my options? When it comes to wills, you need […]

The importance of having a will when divorcing

If you have read our previous news articles, you will be aware of the articles that we have dedicated purely to the topic of divorce. For ease of reference, you can find these articles below, as they may prove useful stepping stones, before reading this article that focuses on the significance of having a will. […]

Care Orders

What type of care orders can be made regarding children? What are my rights to see my children? The enormity of caring for your children is huge and impacts every aspect of a parent’s life. Because of this, we have dedicated various articles to this topic. Above all of our achievements as family law solicitors, […]

What is the divorce process?

Divorce is a legal area we find ourselves experts in, as we pride ourselves on holding the title of The North West’s Specialist divorce solicitor Manchester. As documented in our two previous articles, Divorce FAQs and The first step in divorce you’re not alone in having divorce-specific questions or find yourself needing help to navigate […]

What are my rights in relation to my child?

When it comes to parental rights and ensuring the absolute best for your children, you need to be certain about who you are putting your faith into. This is why at Higgins Miller, we proudly hold the title of expert child law solicitors Our expertise ranges from complex family separations, residency and custody issues and […]

What is domestic violence?

As much as our team wish there wasn’t a need for an article to be written and dedicated to domestic abuse, we know all too well that the reality is it’s very much needed. Domestic abuse can feel a heavy label to give to a situation, so we’re here to walk you through its very […]