Dealing with addiction

In the wake of the death of Amy Winehouse much has been written about the nature of addiction to drugs and alcohol and also about how to help someone suffering with addiction.

We at Higgins Miller often advise clients who have problems with addictions to both alcohol and drugs. These clients may be involved with social services or they may be in a dispute with an ex-partner over their child.

We always advise our clients in these situations that the best way of dealing with their addictions is to seek professional help. Below is a list of local organisations who offer advice and help to people dealing with addiction:

  • Community Drugs Team (CDT) 01612494000
  • Community Alcohol Team (CAT) 0161 2494070
  • Mosaic(Young people’s service) 0161 4805939
  • ACORN 0161 4743141

If you are dealing with addicition alone we would urge you to seek the help of one of these organisations. if you need help relating to any family issues arising out of an addiction problem please contact us either by calling 01614297251 or via our website.


July 28, 2011


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