Domestic Abuse Support in Hospitals

Domestic abuse experts are going to be based in hospital A&E units in Greater Manchester to identify and give support to victims.

The scheme has been launched by Greater Manchester Police and Mr Lloyd; the Crime Commissioner with a view to further tackling the issue of domestic abuse.

A team of five domestic abuse workers will work with hospital A&E staff, who will also have access to a 24-hour phone line to refer patients direct to Victim Support.

This will ensure that seeking help and assistance will be accessible for all victims and victims of domestic violence can be offered support when it is perhaps needed most.

It is crucial that victims of domestic abuse feel able to discuss their experiences with professionals and having specially equipped staff who are able to deal with such sensitive and highly emotional matters will make it easier for people to speak out about domestic abuse.

Sadly Greater Manchester Police report that they dealt with more than 60,000 domestic abuse incidents in the past 12 months up to September; an increase of 2000 incidents on the previous year. It is known that a victim of domestic violence will not report the behaviour until they have been subjected to violence on more than one occasion. It is hoped that this scheme will encourage more victims to come forward and seek assistance.

Here at Higgins Miller Solicitors we have extensive experience in dealing with victims of domestic abuse and helping to secure civil injunctions to deter a perpetrator from carrying out further abuse. Legal Aid is still available for the majority of victims of domestic abuse and we will of course advise you of your eligibility based on your personal circumstances. You can contact us via our website or call the office to make an appointment.

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