Judge asks for help to find missing children

A Judge has taken the unusual step of releasing the names and photographs of four children who went missing with their mother Jennifer Jones after a court ordered that they should be returned to the care of their father who lives in Spain. Miss Jones was ordered to return the children by midnight on Friday 12th October but failed to do so. Earlier that day the Court had ordered theat the children should be removed from their mother’s┬áhome and placed in foster care as he feared she may abscond with them. However, when the police attended to remove the children they were not there. All four children and their mother have now been found safe and well.

The fact that the court released the names of the children and photographs of them is unusual as court proceedings concerning children are usually held in private to protect the children involved.

For help in relation to any dispute concerning children please contact us. We will do our very best to help you to resolve any difficulties by agreement with your ex-partner and we will refer you to mediaition where necessary. However, we can also act on an emergency basis where a child’s safety is threatened.


October 18, 2012

Children Disputes

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