Justin Lee Collins found guilty of harassment

The TV presenter Justin Lee Collins has been found guilty of harassing his former girlfriend, Anna Larke, by St Albans Crown Court. The court found that Mr Collins subjected Miss Larke to a campaign of abuse during their relationship which incuded him keeping a record of her sexual history and disposing of DVDs that starred actors that she found attractive. The court also heard that she was made to sleep facing him and received death threats.

Mr Collins was sentenced to 140 hours of community service and was ordered to pay costs of £3,5oo.

This case confirms the fact that non-physical domestic abuse can lead to a criminal conviction and therefore if you are the victim of such behaviour then you should report the matter to the police. We can also help in these circumstances by assisting you in obtaining a protective court order where appropriate.

If you want advice about how to leave a violent or abusive relationship then contact us in complete confidence.

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