Katie Price and Peter Andre’s Children Dispute

Peter Andre is understood to have issued court papers seeking ‘custody’ in respect of his and Katie Price’s children; Princess and Junior. Yet to be confirmed by Andre’s agent it is thought that Peter has made an application for the residence of both children following shocking allegations that Princess was burnt during a recent holiday to Klosters.

The parents seem to have made various comments regarding the other’s parenting style and ability to appropriately supervise the children, unfortunately this scenario is all too common when ex-partners encounter difficulties in their own relationship. It is always a priority to deal with matters as amicably as possible and to consider what is in the child’s best interests. This is something Higgins Miller will always promote.

Andre has reportedly stated that Katie did not inform him of Princess’s burn despite him having parental responsibility for both his children. Parental responsibility is automatically granted to the mother upon the birth of a child but the father acquires parental responsibility either upon being named as father on the child’s birth certificate or alternatively by being married to or subsequently marrying the child’s mother. This rule was introduced for children’s births registered after December 2003. Prior to this date father’s have parental responsibility for their child through marriage, written agreement by the parties or by order of the court.

Parental responsibility gives parents an important say in their child’s lives, especially in relation to schooling and medical treatment. The infamously married couple both have parental responsibility and Katie therefore should have informed Peter of any serious injury to his daughter.

Reports are being made that the police have now become involved. On occasion if a child sustains an injury the police or local social services may become involved to investigate whether the injury was sustained purely by accident or whether it was as a result of inappropriate supervision of the child or on the rare occasion it may be deemed a non-accidental injury. This is a worrying time for all parents but is a necessary course of action to protect children.

We understand that when a family relationship breaks down real lives are affected and the need for support at this time is invaluable. We aim to deal with matters in the least confrontational way possible to achieve the best possible results.

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