Come to Higgins Miller for a Quickie Divorce

Because we specialise in family law at Higgins Miller we’re used to dealing with people as they copewith highly emotional circumstances. This can include adoption, dealing with wills and probate andhandling interactions with social services. We combine our advice with emotional support, andalways do everything we can to make sure that issues are settled without […]

Expert Advice on Civil Partnership Dissolution UK

Our experience in family law means that the solicitors at Higgins Miller are experts when it comes to dealing with issues such as wills and probate, adoption and divorce. Issues of this kind tend to be stressful by their very nature, and we see it as part of our job to offer emotional support as […]

We’ll Handle Your Divorce UK 2022

Although Christmas is a time of the year which is devoted to family life and togetherness, we know from experience that it is also a period over which many relationships come under a great deal of strain. That’s one of the reasons – coupled with the concept of a new year offering a fresh new […]

Come to Higgins Miller For A Quickie Divorce 2022

For a lot of people a new year offers the chance to have a new start, and we know from experience that many people’s idea of a new start involves ending their marriage. We specialise in family law, dealing with difficult issues such as wills and probate, children disputes and adoption, and a large part […]

Arranging a Separation After Christmas

The expert solicitors at Higgins Miller have huge experience of dealing with family law matters such as divorce, adoption and wills and probate. Our approach has always been to offer empathetic support as well as expert legal advice, and our experience has shown us that the kind of advice clients seek is constantly evolving.  One […]

Arranging a Divorce After Christmas

Here at Higgins Miller we specialise in family law, dealing with highly emotional issues such as wills and probate, adoption and children disputes. We’re keenly aware of the stress that dealing with matters of this kind can cause for our clients, and that’s why we always offer advice which blends legal expertise with support and […]

Dealing With Separation With Children UK

If your relationship comes to an end – particularly if it has lasted for any substantial length of time – then there are bound to be complex matters to deal with. These might include the degree to which your finances have become entwined and any property which you share together – but none more so […]

Handling Divorce with Children – UK Law

Here at Higgins Miller, we specialise in dealing with matters of family law. This means that we deal with issues such as domestic abuse and wills and probate. What many issues of this kind have in common is that they impose huge emotional stress on the people involved. Our expertise and experience mean that we’re […]

We Can Guide You Through Divorce Procedures

The expert lawyers at Higgins Miller specialise in dealing with matters of family law. This means helping people to cope with some of the most stressful life events they will ever face, such as handling wills and probate following the death of a loved one, dealing with domestic abuse or handling children disputes. Our experience […]

How the Divorce Process Operates in the UK

As the UK slowly emerges from the very worst depth of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the vaccine rollout enabling more and more aspects of society to reopen, there’s a very good chance that more and more people will be looking into the details of the divorce process. This may seem like a pessimistic way of […]