Manchester women warned about violent partners

Greater Manchester Police have revealed that since September 2012 53 disclosures have been made under Clare’s Law, which allows people to apply for information to see if a partner has a history of domestic violence.

The scheme is designed as a preventative measure to protect people from being at risk of violence from a partner and allows them to make an informed decision about continuing with a relationship.

The scheme is named after Clare Wood from Salford who was murdered by her ex-partner, George Appleton, who had a history of violence towards women. Before her death Clare had made several complaints about Mr Appleton to the police but no action was taken.

Following Clare’s death her father campaigned for historical information to be made available to those who asked for it and in September last year a pilot scheme began across several police forces including Greater Manchester Police.

If you are worried that your partner may have a history of violence then you can contact Greater Manchester Police.

For advice on protection from a violent relationship please contact us.

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