Stockport makes a stand against Domestic Violence

Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd,  is urging communities in greater Manchester to join together to bring an end to domestic abuse.  He says, “there is no place for this cruelty and brutality in our communities and that is why I am calling upon the people of Stockport to join me in taking a zero tolerance stand against this scourge on our society.”

In Stockport in the last year police have been called to 4,913 cases of domestic abuse which represents an increase of 124 when compared with the previous year. Many more cases undoubtedly go unreported making this trend even more worrying.

Stockport Council has said it is, “committed to working with partner agencies to tackle the very serious issue of domestic abuse.”

Throughout November Stockport Residents are being asked to sign a promise to work together to stop domestic abuse. To sign the promise please visit the Greater Manchester Police website. We have already pledged our support to this extremely worthwhile campaign.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse then we may be able to help you. Please contact us for confidential advice from one of our Stockport based family law specialists.

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