Mark Higgins takes on the Original Mountain Marathon!

Over the weekend Mark Higgins and his friend Chris took on the ultimate challenge of the Original Mountain Marathon in the Lake District. This year was the 50th year that the Original Mountain Marathon has taken place, making it extra special.

The Original Mountain Marathon is an extreme two-day race, held at the end of October each year and combines fell running, orienteering, hill walking, trail running and an overnight camp. The event is not for profit and any surplus money they receive is donated to charities to improve hill access and outdoor education. In 50 years the event has been canceled just once! And that was due to the great storm of 2008 which made headline news.

On the 7th of August, the location was revealed… The Lake District! With amazing views and a course stretching 400km2 into the central lakes were Mark and Chris ready?

Over the past year Mark and the team at Higgins Miller have taken part in many different events, from the Bear Grylls Survival Race to Tough Mudder, but would that be enough to get them through the challenge?

After speaking to Mark a couple of days after the race his first words were ‘Well, I am still alive’. Mark and Chris were faced with wind, rain, and fog on Saturday making the already challenging conditions even more difficult! This resulted in them getting lost on the fells and Mark falling down a slope resulting in a very large purple bruise!

When they made it to the overnight camp the field was full of mud and was basically a boggy field! However, on Sunday they were honoured to have glorious sunshine.

Mark and Chris both say it is the toughest thing by far either of them has ever done. But this has not put them off! They are already talking about doing the event next year!

We would like to congratulate Mark and Chris on completing the Original Mountain Marathon and wish them luck in their next adventure.


November 2, 2017


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