Lack of confidence in the courts

The Ministry of Justice has published a report into the public’s confidence in the court system. The survey showed that less than half of those asked were either very confident of fairly confident that the family courts take into account the views of both parents when deciding what orders to make in respect of children. […]

Grandparents jailed by Family Judge

The grandparents of a child who was the subject of court proceedings have been jailed for contempt of court. The child concerned was Alice Davies. The application before the court was made by Alice’s father for contact with his daughter however before the order could be enforced Alice was taken abroad by her mother. The […]

MMR Vaccine

The High Court has ordered that two girls aged 15 and 11 must receive the MMR vaccination following a dispute between their parents. The parents are now divorced but when together had decided not to vaccinate their children in the wake of concerns raised about the safety of the vaccine and links with Autism. These […]

Children and divorce

Tonight on BBC two there is a programme called “Mum and Dad are Splitting Up.” It will feature the experiences of both parents and children who have gone through family breakdown. An article in the BBC magazine today considers how much a child should be told by their parents about the reason for a marriage breakdown […]

Legal Aid Changes 2013: Children

Legal Aid Changes: Public Law Children This is the one area where nothing has changed. Application by the Local Authority for Care or Supervision Order As pre 1st April any parent or person with Parental Responsibility is automatically eligible for Legal Aid funding to be represented in these proceedings regardless of their financial circumstances. Any […]

Important Legal Aid Changes April 2013

From 1st April 2013 Legal Aid will change significantly. In most areas of private family law legal aid will no longer be available regardless of financial circumstances.  There will be some limited exceptions to this, principally: Applications for injunctions for protection from domestic violence. Cases where the applicant is the victim of domestic violence, to […]

Wish list

The Family Justice Young People’s Board established by Cafcass (the family court advisory service) has published a list of wishes as to how it would like the family justice system to operate. The top five wishes are: Cases do not drag on and are always focused on our needs; There is more support when we […]

Halle Berry loses custody battle

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry has lost a court battle with her ex-partner over whether or not she could take their daughter Nahla to live in France. Halle wanted to re-locate to Paris with her French fiance Olivier Martinez. She argued that France would be a better place for Nahla to grow up due to the constant […]

Judge asks for help to find missing children

A Judge has taken the unusual step of releasing the names and photographs of four children who went missing with their mother Jennifer Jones after a court ordered that they should be returned to the care of their father who lives in Spain. Miss Jones was ordered to return the children by midnight on Friday […]

Parental Responsibility

PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY? Parental responsibility sounds like something that we all know about but actually more than 20 years after the legal concept was introduced many parents still do not know what it is, how you get it or why it is important. It is often only after they have been to see us at Higgins […]